Joint-Stock Company "Anis Group" makes pneumatic CO2 powered airguns since 1995. Now the spectrum of our products amounts six base models of pistols, and also their various modifications.

The pistols made by us, are fabricated both by our Development and Design department, and under the license agreement with company "Beretta" (Italy). Many technical solutions are patented in Russia and abroad.

The pistols created by us considerably surpass the similar weapon by their unique characteristics. For example, at small dimensions muzzle velocity of our pistols much more exceeds the velocity of other CO2 pistols and reaches 160 m/s.

Manufacture at own factory provides the reliable quality control of fabricated products.

The main principles defining our designs, are:

  • reliability of design;
  • wear-proof interacting assembly units;
  • maximized comfort in usage and high swiftness in reloading;
  • high power output in the class;
  • high shooting speed and precise grouping;
  • correspondence to Russian legislation and international standards.

Each product has its unique technical "zest" that advantageously differ it from other pneumatic "brothers" in the market produced by other companies.

JSC "Anis Group" provides warranty ant post-warranty repairs of its products.

At present time the design bureau "Anics" doesn't stop at the achieved and carries on the perspective development of the next generation of pneumatic pistols that is worth to be in XIX century.

Since 1999 our Company has been implementing other important direction of activity, which is manufacture of parts and assembly units (both for own needs, and as per the order of other companies) using MIM (Metal Injection Moulding) or PIM (Powder Injection Moulding) technologies allowing serially to make a high-quality part as from various steels (constructional, corrosion-proof, instrumental), and from ceramics or other metals (nickel alloys, titan) without mechanical cutting. Being pioneers in MIM technology in Russia, during this time we have being continuously improving technological process and by the current moment have achieved excellent results. We actively use parts and assembly units made as per this technology, in our last development. In more detail about this technology and about an opportunity of cooperation in this area you can learn here.